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Durham Upholstery has been breathing new life into old, tattered furniture for more than 40 years. In 1964, Mr. William Herman Briggs of Berea, NC, decided to open up a shop that offered an alternative to purchasing new furniture. Mr. Briggs, along with his wife, Hazel worked side by side and, ultimately, their son, Marvin joined in as well. Things Change But Pretty Much Stay the Same at Durham Upholstery.

Our mission is to do the best job every time. Our upholsters have a combined 94 years of experience. A team working together  more than 15  years. Their craftsmanship and fine detail goes into every piece of furniture from the living room to board room. Ownership changed hands to Mr. Roger Brown in October 2005. Mr. Brown, realizing the value in the already existing name, staff and clientele. This has helped to develop the #1 re-upholstery service in the Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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